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PDS Donors

Thank you to the following foundations, organizations, companies and individuals for your incredible generosity in donating to People with Disabilities Succeeding in the 2023-2024 Fiscal Year.

Power Donors

The William H. Donner Foundation, Inc.


Dedication Donors

The Doering Family Foundation, Ltd.

The Tim & Pam Sowerby Donor Advised Fund


Strength Donors

Anonymous Donor c/o Network for Good

Joe Aranda

Daniel & Susan Aronovsky

Julian Boralli

Robert Cialdini & Bobette Gorden Family Foundation Fund c/o Arizona Community Foundation

Karl Ehrlich

The Kirmse Family Charitable Fund

Mary Mauro

McNabb Foundation

Lynn Pulliam, Ph.D.

Jean Schultz

William & Kathleen Sloan

Henry & Katherine Wong

Support Donors

Janee Adams

Julie Alden

Roberta Allen

AmazonSmile Foundation

Anonymous via Network for Good

Mario Aranda

Dana Armanino

Jacquelyn Baker

Carol E. Ball Donor Fund c/o Renaissance Charitable Foundation

William Ball

The Barron Family

Fred & Annette Bernardini

Charlie Blenko

Patricia Blenko

Sharon Conn

Wendy Cornell

Jamie Davis

Donate for Charity

Francine Falk-Allen & Richard Falk

Teresa Goins

The Hobson/Lucas Family Foundation

Evelyn Jaffe

Terri Jaffe

Ann Jessup

Richard & April Kahnberg

Kim Kerr

Marlene Levine Knox & Steven Knox

Shirley & Barry Krohn

H. Marvel

Circle Pasto

Nick Pasto

Polly Peak

Xiomara Sanchez

Martin Silverman

Maureen Sitzmann

Randy Slade & Diana Lago Slade

Doris Smith

Carole Schwartz

Garrett & Robin Toy

Dennis & Angela Tucker

Catherine Varnau

In Dedication to Mylan Perovich

Carol E. Ball Donor Fund c/o Renaissance Charitable Foundation


In Honor of Robin Sloan

Marlene Levine Knox & Steven Knox


In Loving Memory of Patrick & Tom Markey

Randy Slade & Diana Lago Slade


In Honor of Kasie Sollid

Julie Alden


In Loving Memory of Stan Sollid

Richard & April Kahnberg


In Honor of Aliya Joy Whitney

Evelyn Jaffe

Past PDS Donor Fiscal Years
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