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PDS Volunteer Application

People with Disabilities Succeeding (PDS) needs you to help support adults with developmental disabilities to experience all the joys that life has to offer, like working, having friends, staying healthy and fit, and participating in Marin as productive and accepted members of the community. We celebrate difference, diversity, and inclusion of all people.


Our clients have Down Syndrome, autism, and other developmental disabilities. They love PDS, and you will too!


We strongly promote dignity, respect, freedom, and choice while also providing the compassion, nurturing and kindness that this vulnerable population deserves. Because the folks we serve are so happy, most days go smoothly, and most people go home each day feeling good.


People with Disabilities Succeeding welcomes and appreciates volunteers! Our clients are wonderful, unique, charming, people, looking for kind companions who can help them participate more fully in the world. You can make a difference in as few as 2 hours per week. Students may receive credit for volunteering through College of Marin or San Francisco State University or other college programs. You may also contribute community services hours to us.

We are open to your ideas about how you might help.




Volunteers may work with clients between the hours of 9:00 AM and 2:00 PM, Monday through Friday and are invited but not required to attend a monthly meeting on Tuesdays from 3:30 to 5:00 PM.



Experience: You don't have to be experienced in this field to do this job. It would be nice if you have some kind of relevant human service experience (i.e., babysitting, working with kids or the elderly) but we always provide training and supervision for volunteers.


Must demonstrate warmth, patience, stamina, a good work ethic, compassion, sense of humor, a desire to help others, commitment to the values and clients of PDS, and enthusiasm for our mission.



Please first do your homework on our organization. 


PDS website:

PDS Vimeo videos:

PDS YouTube channel:

PDS Facebook Page:


1. Tell us about yourself and why you are interested in volunteering for PDS. (You can be as detailed as you like here)


2. What kind of work or volunteer experience do you have?


3. Describe any experience you have with people with disabilities.  Did you go to school with kids with disabilities? Do you have any family members with disabilities?


3. Where do you live?


4. How many hours do you want to volunteer? Which days and times are best for you?


5. Please describe any special interests, hobbies, or skills you can share with our clients such as cooking, gardening, art, music, dance, exercise, table tennis, dog walking etc. (No teaching experience necessary-we will train)


6. Or if you prefer other types of “behind the scenes” work like tax preparation, photography, videography, fundraising, please describe your ideas and skills.


7. Please provide 3 character references. Can be teachers, employers, friends, or family members. Please give us the names of your references with an explanation of how you know them and how to get a hold of them. We can email and/or call. You also want to give those people a heads up that they will be hearing from us.

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