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PDS in Action

Socializing, being silly and laughing has helped People with Disabilities Succeeding heal from the pain and stress of the pandemic. PDS will always focus on employment and community inclusion but when this video was produced in 2021 we were prioritizing friendship and fun.

In 2009, 2010 and 2011, PDS participants were filmed for “The Awareness Project”, which is an online training program for our staff members and others. We compiled some of the footage into this short video, which illustrates our clients with developmental disabilities living life to its fullest as productive and accepted members of their community. 

PDS has a Vimeo channel: PDS Vimeo 

PDS has a YouTube channel: PDS YouTube


The Awareness Project can be viewed in full at: The Awareness Project

In 2012 Lisa Markey was honored by the Jefferson Awards. A recognition system honoring community and public service in America.

San Francisco CBS Bay Area Article on winning the Jefferson Award

San Francisco CBS Bay Area Article on earning the Jefferson Award silver medal in public service

In 2010 PDS was featured with our client Sallie Harrison in ABC7's Emmy award-winning public affairs show, "Beyond the Headlines," which provides in-depth coverage of the topics and issues facing the people of the Bay Area. The topic was "Living with Disabilities" and PDS specifically addressed "Lifestyle Issues" and highlighted the importance of community inclusion, integration, choice and opportunities: ABC 7 Beyond the Headlines

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