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Donate to PDS via PayPal by clicking the link here:
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PDS is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization organized for charitable purposes. Please consider including People with Disabilities Succeeding in your charitable giving plans. Every dollar truly makes a difference and is not just a "drop in the ocean." 

PDS is driven to remain true to our commitment to the values that drive our organization, even when it is more expensive and difficult to do so. We are all about creating “average” lives for people who would not otherwise have these opportunities to be included in every day life. These concepts of diversity and inclusion for people with developmental disabilities are not novel or complicated. But, unfortunately, the intensive support we offer is more than we can provide on state funding alone . We supplement our state funding with charitable contributions so we can go above and beyond the call of duty to truly make a difference in every aspect of our clients qualify of life. 

While PDS is a small organization, the work we do has a large impact. Every day we break down stereotypes and pioneer the way for people with developmental disabilities to be allowed opportunities to flourish. But because we are a small organization your donation will go a long way, not only to help adults with developmental disabilities work and become more self sufficient, but also to ensure that they are included in everyday life in society. Now that is real value for your money!

Here some ways you can support the fantastic and deserving individuals of PDS:

Program Supplies
PDS will use your contributions to purchase items such as clothing for job interviews, uniforms, work shoes, and outfits that help participants blend well into their work environments and meet dress code standards, grooming supplies like shaving razors and deodorant, watches and timers for individuals to keep track of time on the job, augmentative communication devices for hearing impaired and nonverbal individuals, and other individually tailored adaptations. Supplies will be purchased for healthy cooking classes to be held at our clients’ homes during the day and for weight loss and nutrition meetings. Swimsuits, tennis shoes, and other personal items will be purchased to allow our clients safe participation in exercise activities. Seeds, plants, organic fertilizer, gloves, and tools will be purchases for our organic community garden.  Art supplies, recreational items such as frisbees, kites, tennis rackets, and remote control cars are purchased so our clients can have age appropriate fun in integrated settings.

Community-Based Instruction
Your donations will allow all of our clients to be involved in activities in their community as independently as possible alongside their neurotypical peers. Charitable contributions will be used to support PDS individuals to participate in daily activities that working adults their age typically do (i.e. banking, laundry, grocery shopping, and other miscellaneous errands such as going to the barber, DMV, post office, social security office, etc). Furthermore, individuals will be supported to attend any work related social events or activities (i.e. work picnics, meetings, annual parties) that occur outside of normal working hours. Other community-based activities may include courses in self-advancement, exercise, and other opportunities for social inclusion (i.e. community college classes, adult education classes, fitness programs at local gyms). Employed participants will be required to pay for their own community-based activities with the money they earn from their paid jobs. For unemployed individuals and individuals who work few hours because they are so severely disabled, charitable contributions will supplement the costs associated with age appropriate, everyday activities. For example, a participant may pay for his own haircut, but PDS might tip for the barber, who patiently served an individual with special needs.

You can also donate for special events such as concerts or sporting events, travel, special meals and celebrations or other luxuries that our clients deserve but cannot afford, even when they are working.

Send checks to:

People with Disabilities Succeeding

1512 5th Avenue

San Rafael CA 94901

or pay with PayPal 

People with Disabilities Succeeding is a California Corporation, which is organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes, which has established its tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

All donations are tax deductible. PDS's federal non-profit ID is 81-1768753

You can view our organization profile on Guidestar

Please note that from 1990-2016, PDS was called Pacific Diversified Services with a different non-profit ID. We reincorporated and changed our name to People with Disabilities Succeeding, officially in 2016.

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