Meet Our Clients

Meet some of the wonderful, hard working and impressive PDS clients. We appreciate your interest in learning more about them. If there is one thing you take away from these stories, please know that most people with developmental disabilities want to be noticed. They do not want to be shut away from society, ignored or forgotten.

If you see Minh Tien,  JR or any other PDS clients around Marin, please say hello or just smile. You might just make their day.

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    "A day does not go by that he does not brighten someone’s day at PDS."

    Sean C.

      "Sean C. is an absolute joy. He is so smart and wise."


        "Christi is always fun to be around, especially when she's dancing!"


          "Amanda is gorgeous and capable, strong willed and confident."



            "Sheyla has a charming personality and smile!"


              "Her big blue eyes and brown curly hair make her as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside."


                "Sallie has been described as a go-getter by all who know her. She is very ambitious and a cooperative, enthusiastic person."



                  "Niles is a sharp guy with a great sense of humor"


                    "We like to call him Stylin' Mylan because he is always so well dressed and Smilin' Mylan because he is always smiling! "


                      "Matt is an intellectual well spoken guy who loves politics and history."



                        "Kayla is self confident and loves to sing whenever she has the opportunity. "


                          "Aliya is probably the most cheerful person we have ever met!"


                            "Kasie almost defies description. She is a one of a kind gal, with a totally unique personality and a style of her own."


                              "Brian lights up around the dogs and is energized for hours afterward."



                                 "Ricky is so kind and compassionate.  He is a pleasure to be around."


                                  "Kelly has been in PDS since 1991 and has made life-long friendships with
                                  both the clients and staff here."


                                    "He represents everything that I hope for from our clients."


                                      "We are so thrilled to see Guy reaching his potential to work hard and make new friends."

                                      John Paul

                                        "He has a kind, pleasant and gentle demeanor a great sense of humor and
                                        infectious laugh."


                                          "She is a steady and pleasant worker. It is a pleasure to work with someone like Berta."


                                            "David, you are indeed a 'good guy!"'


                                              "We are especially proud because of the courage and spirit that he possesses even in times of terrible adversity."


                                                "We want to acknowledge an incredibly hardworking, high-spirited individual"


                                                  "He has a great sense of humor and is a really dependable and honest person."

                                                  Lisa T.

                                                    "Lisa is an absolutely charming woman, with tons of friends and hobbies."


                                                      "Marc is a really great guy. He is so mellow and easy going."


                                                        "She is a woman who knows what she wants and is excellent at making sure her needs are met."

                                                        Mike M.

                                                          "Mike is a charming man who is a sports enthusiast and an all around fun guy."


                                                            "She has never let her limitations hold her
                                                            back, and she has a strong sense of self and her own worth."

                                                            Mike McD

                                                              "He is a wonderful person and a friend to all."

                                                              Minh Tien

                                                                "Minh Tien is friendly, has a good sense of humor, macho,
                                                                cool, stylish, respectful of authority and delightful."

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                                                                Phone: (415) 459-6510

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