PDS Remote Services during Covid-19

People with Disabilities Succeeding (PDS) is all about "community" and right now our "community" is online!


Have you seen Good Morning Vietnam with Robin Williams? It’s about entertaining people during a difficult period, helping them feel less alone, and reminding them of home and happier times.

This is what we’re doing at PDS. We’re broadcasting ourselves and our support into the homes of our clients, who without us would be more lonely, confused and scared about what is happening now. 

During COVID-19 PDS is providing Zoom classes, WhatsApp and videochats to keep the people we serve mentally sharp, entertained, morally supported, socially connected and engaged in learning.


Every individual PDS serves is engaged in WhatsApp, social media, videochat and Zoom activities such as Talk Show, Cooking, Gardening, Dance, Art, Exercise, Social Media, Guided Meditation, Yoga, Music, Storytelling, Virtual Reality Tours, Travel and Culture, Disney, Karaoke, Sports Talk, Wonders of the World, Game Show, animal and nature classes, fun birthday celebrations, dance parties, concerts, lunch meetings, and special events.


PDS is bridging the digital divide for our clientele. We're working with residential support providers and individuals who live independently to get them online, to handle technical difficulties, and to train them to use their iPads, iPhones and laptops.


PDS sends program supplies to our clients such as art materials, fun costumes for our dance parties, puppets, games, healthy snacks and anything else we can think of to cheer them up and make getting on Zoom more fun.


Routine is so important, especially for people with learning difficulties. Our Zoom activities are scheduled, consistent and predictable to lend structure and purpose to our lives during this confusing and chaotic time in our country. Please see an example of our Remote Service Schedule here: Sample Zoom Schedule

We believe these remote services would be wonderful for housebound people, even if it were not during a pandemic.

PDS created a couple short video to illustrate the types of online activities we offer. Give the videos a watch below: 

Currently there are two job openings available for remote services:

Help teach ASL

PDS was featured in the Marin Independent Journal when we first created our Remote Service Program. Read that article here: Marin IJ Article



"I love the full range of activities which address the physical, mental, and emotional/spiritual well being of your clients. Friday's concert featuring Jacob was awesome."

—  Kathy, family member of PDS participant Robin, 2020