Welcome to the wonderful world of Wuppermobiles!

Several PDS participants are operating their own “microenterprise business”, selling toys online.


A group of friends from PDS are working with the import company called From There to Here to bring these Wupper Airlines brand toys, which are


wildly popular in Germany, to the United States. Wupper Airlines are wooden, bouncing mobiles that brighten the hearts of kids and adults! They are named after a river called Wupper, in the town of Wuppertal, Germany.

We also sell colorful and cheerful fairies and music boxes. We are very proud of all of our products.


All the profits from every purchase go directly to PDS participants to help them become more self-sufficient, productive members of our community.


Check out Wuppermobiles on eBay and Amazon!


You can also visit the Facebook page for more information and to keep up to date with us!