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Employ a PDS Participant

People with Disabilities Succeeding is a state funded, nonprofit personnel agency that assists employers in directly hiring people with disabilities. PDS provides vocational preparation and training as well as ongoing support and follow up services for both the employer and employee. These services are offered at no cost to the employer at any time. Not all employment programs serving adults with disabilities are alike! At PDS, we take pride in the fact that our relationships with employers are mutually beneficial. We instill good work ethics in our clients and our staff members. The employers' satisfaction is our utmost concern.


Employers can count on PDS to consider their business needs and deliver on our promises to collaborate cooperatively and conscientiously Unlike some programs, the support from PDS does not fade out over time. Job coaches have been accompanying our clients to Costco and Cost Plus, for instance, since the early 1990's.  

PDS Procedures

PDS performs the following preliminary procedures to help facilitate a successful participant/employer match:

  • Analyze the workplace to identify the employer's needs and expectations

  • Assist with customizing participant job descriptions based on the employer's needs

  • Access our client pool and recommend candidates for the employer's consideration

  • Act as a liaison during the interview and selection process, assist in all new hire paperwork including W2 forms, background checks, as well as training videos, etc.

Once the employer has hired a particular candidate, our agency will:

  • Work behind the scenes to provide transportation for the participant, to ensure participant (s) adhere to the dress code and are adequately prepared to show up to work with a positive attitude 

  • Provide a job coach, at no cost to the employer, to support the participant (s) during work, to ensure productivity, provide extra supervision, and to assist employers in communicating with the employee (s) in situations requiring training, reviews, discipline, etc.

  • Offer the employer and coworkers ongoing consultation and information regarding employees with disabilities

  • Act as liaison to answer questions and provide support to coworkers, supervisors, and the employee for the duration of the employee's position

  • Facilitate paperwork for Targeted Job Tax Credits (when in effect)

Benefits to PDS Employers

  • Motivated, enthusiastic employees

  • Dependable workforce

  • Low turnover rate

  • Positive public image

  • Ongoing support that addresses workplace specific demands

  • Reduced recruitment, selection and training costs

  • Targeted Job Tax Credits (when in effect)

  • Affirmative Action and Equal Employment

  • Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act

Types of disabilities of PDS participants

Our clients have learning and/or physical disabilities. The individuals' skills and interests are carefully matched to the given job requirements.

Preferred Job Duties

Many participants prefer jobs with structure and repetition, while others excel with more variety. We have participants with experience in clerical services, food preparation, janitorial/maintenance duties, retail stocking, shipping/receiving, and many other areas.

Rate of Pay, Number of Hours

PDS participants are available to work two to twelve hours per week at minimum or prevailing wage. Some people with disabilities would appreciate having a job so much that they would be more than willing to work just one two hour shift per week.

Employer Liability

Our clients are physically and/or learning disabled, not medically fragile. Studies have shown that employees with disabilities are no more likely to get hurt on the job than neurotypical employees. 97% of workers with disabilities have average or above average safety records. The employer is required to carry Worker's Compensation Insurance for the employee, but premiums would be no higher than neurotypical employee rates. PDS job coaches are covered under the PDS Workers Compensation Insurance.

Employer Risk

At PDS we encourage and appreciate employers giving our clients a chance. If the employee turns out not to be a match, there will be no hard feelings. If an employer wants to terminate an employee for good reason, PDS will assist in making that process as painless as possible. 

Coworker Reactions

In general, coworkers have positive things to say about working with a person with a disability. The diversity usually inspires other workers and increases morale. With time, coworkers learn and adapt to any differences that an employee with a disability may have. Coworkers usually find that people with disabilities are more similar to them than they are different.

Customer Reactions

Customers usually have very positive things to say about employees with disabilities. By creating diversity within the workforce, the employer gains a positive public image and a sense of community involvement.


If you are interested in collaborating with PDS to employee people with disabilities, please contact us.

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