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PDS Services

People with Disabilities Succeeding (PDS) is an Integrated Work and Community Inclusion program. PDS enhances the quality of life of adults with developmental disabilities by providing job development, job coaching, job enhancement and promotion, money management training, program supplies, mobility (transportation) and community-based instruction, while emphasizing social inclusion as well as fitness and nutrition.

Our main emphasis is on employment. We help people to obtain and maintain real jobs in local businesses. We strictly look for employment where individuals will be directly hired by businesses and receive at least minimum wage. We do not accept subcontracted or enclave work. Some individuals work in volunteer jobs or “ microenterprises” such as selling items on eBay or dog walking if integrated, paid employment is unavailable. PDS provides an Employment Support Facilitator to help people at work if they need it, or at least to check in with them daily if they are fairly independent.

In contrast to Supported Employment Programs which offer services only in terms of work, we also offer our clients support in everyday activities like going to the bank, budgeting money, ordering and eating in restaurants, going to the library, post office, etc. Furthermore, we give assistance to people in fitness activities like aerobics, swimming, weight lifting at local gyms or fitness centers, yoga, hiking, or whatever exercise people are interested in. We teach people domestic skills if they need to learn how to shop, cook, or do chores. We help our clients make friends with people without disabilities if they want to and help them arrange and participate in social activities, like movies, lunch dates, playing Bingo, cards or board games, going to the beach, and fun“ free days" inside and outside of the county.


PDS works with individuals to teach them their rights and support them to advocate for themselves, speak up and practice self-defense so they can avoid becoming victims of abuse or crime. While teaching our clients about their rights as adults we also highlight their responsibilities and encourage them to be concerned about how their actions affect others.

At PDS we believe that all people can be productive, contributing members of society given enough support. We promote respect, dignity and inclusion of everyone regardless of disability. We facilitate interactions and encourage relationships between individuals with and without disabilities within all of the environments that we participate in. Our approach is detailed more in the PDS Program Philosophy.

If you'd like to see a sample of a participant's schedule, click here!

People with Disabilities Succeeding will always focus on employment and community inclusion but after being cooped up so long and being apart we have been prioritizing friendship and fun. Just socializing, being silly and laughing has helped us heal from the pain and stress of the pandemic. We created The Friend Zone to have a place just to relax and hang out with friends. 

Watch the video below to see all of our services in action.

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