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PDS Donors

Thank you to the following foundations, organizations, companies and individuals for your incredible generosity in donating to People with Disabilities Succeeding in the 2016-2017 Fiscal Year.

Dedication Donors


Strength Donors

The Doering Family Foundation, Ltd.

Andrew & Jennifer Kirmse

Mason Family Trust

Mary Mauro

The Outdoor Art Club

Lynn Pulliam, Ph.D.

Margaret Schliessmann

Dennis & Angela Tucker


Support Donors

Dana Armanino

Daniel & Susan Aronovsky

Donald & Joyce Barr

The Barron Family

Fred & Annette Bernardini

Jacqueline Branch

Kristine & Martin Cain

Richard Falk & Francine Falk-Allen

Dr. & Mrs. Robert Jaffe

Ann Jessup

Charles & Mary Jones

George Lucas Family Foundation

Karen Motenko-Neal & Paul Neal

Alice Nakahata

Brian Schirano

Martin & Deidre Silverman

Support Donors (cont.)

Patrick & Maureen Sitzmann

William & Kathleen Sloan

Doris Smith

Robert & Tracy Smith

Rocio Smith

Ronald Sollid

Stan & Gail Sollid

Jane Thornton

Catherine Varnau

Joan Wlodaver

Katherine Wong

Mike & Deborah Ziegenhagen


In Honor of Sean Anderson

John Anderson

Dr. Cyrus Thomas

In Honor of Amanda Bowstead

James P. Whitlock, Jr.


In Honor of David Burns

Shirley Krohn


In Honor of Robert Jaffe

Terri Jaffe


In Honor of Robin Sloan

Marlene Knox

Richard Reubin, Ph.D.

William & Kathleen Sloan

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