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PDS Donors

Thank you to the following foundations, organizations, companies and individuals for your incredible generosity in donating to People with Disabilities Succeeding in the 2015-2016 Fiscal Year.

Power Donors

Richardson Bay Land Company


Dedication Donors

Andrew & Anne Allen

Winifred & Harry B. Allen Foundation

Wells Fargo Foundation


Strength Donors

The Doering Family Foundation, Ltd.

Freebie LLC

Andrew & Jennifer Kirmse

Mary Mauro

The Outdoor Art Club

Lynn Pulliam, Ph.D.

Margaret Schliessmann

Dennis & Angela Tucker

James P. Whitlock, Jr.


Support Donors

Anonymous Donors

John Anderson

Daniel & Susan Aronovsky

Laurie Aronovsky

Susan Aronovsky

Donald & Joyce Barr

Fred & Annette Bernardini

Jenny Bernstein

Jacqueline Branch

Laura Briggin

Kris Cain

Richard Falk & Francine Falk-Allen


Dr. & Mrs. Robert Jaffe

Support Donors (cont.)

Ann Jessup

Charles & Mary Jones

Shirley Krohn

George Lucas Family Foundation

Karen Motenko-Neal

Alice Nakahata

Niels Peak

Maria Previtali

Richard Reubin, Ph.D.

Karen Serlin

Patrick & Maureen Sitzmann

William & Kathleen Sloan

Doris Smith

Melissa Sollid

Stan & Gail Sollid

Dr. Cyrus Thomas

Giau Tran

Catherine Varnau

Warren Wertheimer

Joan Wlodaver

Katherine Wong


In Loving Memory of
Aida Alonso

Nichole Lowell

Bill & Judy Wright

In Loving Memory of
Betsy Leeb

Emily Melvin

In Loving Memory of
Tom & Patrick Markey

Randy Slade & Diana Lago Slade

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