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PDS Donors

Thank you to the following foundations, organizations, companies and individuals for your incredible generosity in donating to People with Disabilities Succeeding in the 2007-2008 Fiscal Year.

Power Donors

Anonymous Donation

The Thomas J. Long Foundation

The Special Hope Foundation

Wells Fargo Foundation

Dedication Donors


Fireman’s Fund Foundation

J.S. Foundation


Strength Donors

The Doering Family Foundation

Theresa Olson

Sinaloa Middle School

Sidney Stern Memorial Trust

William and Kathleen Sloan

Support Donors

Anonymous Donor

Elaine Bachelder

Bank of Marin

The Barron Family

Fred and Annette Bernardini

Andre Blanadet

Julia Delamater

Francine Falk-Allen

Jeffrey and Shelly Finci

Denis Gleason


Margaret Hallet

Support Donors (cont.)

Jo Ella Hart

Peter Henig

Adam Himmelman

Andrew and Jennifer Kirmse

David and Ginger Koel

Lucasfilm Foundation

Melanie Lee

Alice Nakahata

Connie Perry

Charles and Gene Pratt

Richard Reubin

Paul and Deborah Sagues

Martin and Deidre Silverman

William and Mitzi Smiley

Carl and Rocio Smith

Dennis and Angela Tucker

United Way

Helen Wilson

Henry and Katherine Wong

Zach and Marlies Zeisler

Loving Memory of Robert F. Smith

Bernie and Pat D'Agostino

Sam and Nancy Johnson

Diane Lewandowski

Bill and Mary O'Flynn

Jane O'Flynn

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ruffino

Bill and Bonnie Stevens

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