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John From PDS: Thanksgiving Musings about PDS - My Gratitude List

1) I love our incredibly diverse staff. It is an honor to be included.

2) I learn something every week from our clients or staff. Usually related to profound spiritual values such as humility kindness sacrifice.

3) I like watching our staff manifest the tremendous vision of our founder. Each in their unique way, but each congruent with serving a great good.

4) Many of our clients were among societies most unfortunate, having survived things such as neglect, abuse, abandonment, and even torture. PDS has helped so many come to lead their best life. I think of us as modern day paladins, very difficult to defeat in our defense of the defenseless. 

5) I appreciate very much how PDS has found a way for us to make a livable wage. When I first came here, I was PROMISED I would never make more than $12 an hour. Now we make double that with a bunch of nice benefits added on as well.

6) I feel fortunate to have work that is manifestly meaningful and for the most part highly enjoyable. This is a rare commodity in today's culture.

7) Particularly since COVID, we live in a time of alienation and disconnection. I get a strong sense of connection from my peers and from my clients.

8) I am particularly grateful to Guy; he is like a son to me. A hilarious, OCD, quirky, sometimes irritating, always amazing son. I love him very much despite my imperfect heart.

9) It was through PDS at Marinwood that I discovered my obsession with picking up trash. It is my primary hobby now. I have picked up + - 400,000 pieces of trash and I am striving to hit 1million before I vanish.

10) Rousseau said : "What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness?" I am grateful to dwell among the wise.

11) So much to laugh about!

I hope you guys have wonderful Thanksgivings full of the connection and care that you richly deserve. I deeply appreciate your kindness, without which I could barely go on.

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