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In memory of Don Smith


By Lisa Markey 

Don, a native of Kansas City Missouri, moved to Marin when his mother passed away. Don had been her companion and helper. They liked going to church together and he helped her with her shopping. He had been visiting his brother and sister-in-law in San Rafael since the 70's and was excited to move here in 1991. Don enjoyed spending time with his nephew Rob and his wife Tracy and was extremely proud of his little nieces, Taylor and Brooke.  Don's relatives took him to the horse races and on road trips to Portland Oregon.


When asked what he likes about PDS, Don said "Working!" When asked what else he liked about PDS he said, "Ball games, banking with staff and talking with Corinne". We loved serving Don because of his sense of humor and great attitude. He always showed his appreciation for us when he told us " Thank you for a lovely day”. 


Like Jack Benny, Don Smith never professed to be older than 39 but he passed away in 2010 when he was 72. He will always be with us in our hearts.

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