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In memory of Stu and Betsy Leeb


By Lisa Markey


Betsy was an original participant of PDS, having received services from PDS from 1990 to 2014!


Betsy worked at Cost Plus World Market from 1991 to 2013. She loved her job and was relied upon to do important tasks, such as stocking candy, ripping paper for wrapping glassware, baling boxes, and stocking baskets and shelves.


In her free time, Betsy enjoyed getting her nails done every week, going to the movies, and swimming at the YMCA. Betsy's preferred conversations revolved around "Cost Plus" (her career), the special people in her life: "Cydney" (a special friend) and "Daddy" (her father), the Special Olympics, and her favorite meals, which she was able to purchase with her earnings from work.


In 2014 Betsy began having health problems and behavioral changes due to dementia. PDS reluctantly let Betsy go so she could rest more and be more relaxed at home and she passed away in 2016. 


Looking back on the time that we spent with Betsy, makes me feel good about her life. She had a job, friends, and lots of fun. She made us laugh with her silly Halloween costumes ( her favorite was a cow with udders) and her Karaoke performance (totally unexpected) and speeches to staff or participants who left. It was a pleasure to know Betsy and her family. Her father Stu was incredibly important to our organization. His donations sustained us at some of the worst times when we thought the program would not survive. Cydney was an absolutely incredible advocate for Betsy and a loyal friend/mom, the most important person in Betsy's world, and an inspiration to me.


Betsy’s father Stu, passed a way in January of 2017. Stu left PDS a very generous legacy gift. We were so surprised and felt so honored that Stu appreciated PDS enough to remember us in his will. 


Betsy and Stu will always live on in our memories. 

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