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In loving memory of Stan Sollid

By Lisa Markey
June 2019

I first met Stan in 1993 when I started working with Kasie. He served on the board of PDS from 1995 to 2012. 

I always appreciated Stan for his kindness, generosity, and easy going, positive personality. Most of all, Stan impressed me with his unwavering, unconditional love toward Kasie. 

Stan was always available at any time to offer extra support to Kasie, and she never failed to delight him, even when she was frustrating. PDS will definitely take his lead and continue to shower Kasie with love and support, not just accepting, but celebrating her unique quirks and childlike qualities. 

Stan’s wife Gail serves on our board now, and she also has been an incredible advocate for Kasie. I consider Stan and Gail my parenting role models.

 It has been my honor to know the Sollid family.

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