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Get Involved!

It's wonderful how TV shows and movies highlight the gifts and accomplishments of people with disabilities.  However, in real life, people with disabilities still face incredible discrimination and are often ignored. 

Most people with disabilities want to lead typical lives. They aspire to have jobs, make friends, go on dates, travel and be invited to parties. You can help change this! Instead of turning your head when you encounter someone with a disability, take a risk; give him or her a chance. You may find that a person with a disability can enrich your life!


10 Ways to Get Involved with People with Developmental Disabilities:

1) Make a friend. Come on by the Friend Zone to say hello!


2) Employ someone.

3) Rent or share an apartment with someone

4) Tutor a classmate

5) Teachers: Welcome a student into your classroom

6) Help someone join a club or team

7) Carpool with someone

8) Get a job working with individuals with disabilities

9) Volunteer for a non-profit

10) Contribute to a worthy cause

11) Request businesses that employ people with disabilities.

12) Advocate for people with disabilities.

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